Portrait of a PNA Graduate

Watch a group of PNA graduates, and a compelling composite emerges. It’s the picture of a whole human being. A person prepared to function at their best on all levels: intellectual, emotional, social physical. A person ready to participate fully in the world; a willing and able contributor; a self-motivated life-long learner. How do you recognize a PNA grad?

They are comfortable in their own skin!

PNA’s nurturing culture encourages self-confidence, independent thinking, the courage to take on life’s challenges.

They are lifelong learners: Taught to learn, they love (and never stop) learning. The result is unusually strong academic performance long after they leave PNA. Gaining knowledge does not feel like a chore; rather, it is the natural, rewarding result of their curiosity.

They are fun to be around: Their enthusiasm, civility, and respect for others is contagious. Much of their education is built on social skills like getting along with all kinds of people.


“The transition from PNA to high school was a little intimidating, coming from a small school to a really big one, but I knew I was academically prepared. Socially, through public speaking and talking to people [through] public service, such as our Ruth Arcand park project, I was really confident and ready.”

IRIS, Class of 2019

They have good character: What is valued most in a PNA classroom? Responsibility. Cooperation. Compassion. Ethical Behavior. Stewardship of their community, the environment, the world.

They are PNA kids for life: Most PNA graduates stay in touch with their PNA “family.” They understand and are happy to talk about their education’s gifts – self-confidence and resourcefulness: enduring relationships; constructive work habits – lessons that never stop shaping who they are and who they hope to be.