A Team That Loves Teaching

PNA’s staff and faculty are passionate about teaching because we’re passionate about learning. It’s a core value we all share!


Christina Stien

Preschool Teacher – Otters


Sharon Clavette

Preschool Teacher – Orcas


Melissa Smith

Program Coordinator and Preschool Teacher – Belugas


Cassy Demler

Assistant Preschool Teacher


Justina-Jo Keegan

Assistant Preschool Teacher

Keely Holt

Assistant Preschool Teacher

Jacqulyn Franklin

Kindergarten Teacher


Hali Solvig Tuomi

First Grade Teacher


Meghan McGarvey

Second Grade Teacher

Lea Rueter

Third Grade Teacher


Rita Lorenz

Fourth Grade Teacher


Carolyn Highland

Fifth Grade Teacher

Martina Henke

Middle School Program Coordinator and Teacher


Elizabeth Ferry

Middle School Teacher & Communications Coordinator


Marcella Hitchcock

Integrated Art Specialist


Molly Liston

Physical Education & Health Teacher


Carolyn Downie

Music Teacher


Michele Whaley

Preschool & Lower School Spanish Teacher


Award Winning Teacher, Nancy Boxler

Nancy Boxler

Lower & Middle School Spanish Teacher


Extended Day Program Instructors

Nathalie Collins

Assistant Preschool Teacher & Panther Care Staff

Audree Pebley

Panther Care Staff


Laurie Hoefer

Head of School


Anna Ramsey

Assistant Head of School, Preschool and Panther Care Program Director

Linda Shepherd

Enrollment Director


Annie Graff

Director of Development & Outreach

Eileen Abbott

Registrar and Administrative Coordinator

Elizabeth Ferry

Communications Coordinator & Middle School Teacher

Maintenance & Custodial Staff

Justo Apaza



Pacific Northern Academy is committed to diversity in its culture and its program. An equitable, inclusive community is important to achieving the best environment for learning. PNA actively seeks families, faculty and staff who bring a range of experience to the school. PNA recognizes and respects differences in age, ethnicity, gender, learning style, physical ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic class.