Frequently Asked Questions

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Learning & Teaching Questions

How are social and emotional health supported at PNA?

Social and emotional development are actively nurtured, along with academic, creative, and physical development. Our Responsive Classroom programming is embedded into the curriculum and daily classroom activities at every grade level. Under the guidance of PNA’s exemplary teachers and staff, students develop strong morals, ethics, and social skills with this integrated approach.

What is “project-based learning?”

Project-based learning is a teaching method that encourages students to learn by engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects. Highlights of this method include in-depth projects, hands-on experiments, constructive critique and feedback, and presentation opportunities. For example, a student might learn about ecosystems by taking a trip to a nature center, going on a guided hike, dissecting an owl pellet, and creating a presentation on an animal for the class.

What specialty subjects are included at PNA?

We integrate performing arts, studio arts, physical education, and Spanish into the core curriculum and school day. We want children to fully explore their talents and creativity by having the opportunity to regularly engage in and improve upon everything from the arts to athletics.

What kind of extra-curricular activities are provided at PNA?

PNA’s Enrichment Program provides stimulating classes after school for interested students. Recent enrichment topics include science experiments, 3D printing, robotics, running club, band, and basketball. This year, we will debut chess club and cross country running. New classes are introduced each trimester.

General Questions

Does PNA have a school uniform?

Yes. There is a dress code for all students observed from Monday to Thursday; casual attire is allowed on Fridays. We require formal attire for school events and off-campus field trips. The entire school enjoys extra casual clothing days on special occasions. PNA has a uniform exchange with slightly used, cleaned uniform pieces that are updated regularly. Clothing can be purchased at Old Navy, Target, or Land’s End.

Are there opportunities for parent involvement?

There are many ways to get involved at PNA. You can help with events, drive for field trips, volunteer in the classroom, or help with the annual gala. We ask that all households volunteer 20 hours of parent time to our school’s activities. Additionally, all parents are invited to join the school’s Parent Association.

Do preschool families attend school events?

Yes, preschool is fully integrated within our school community and events are open to attend.

What does PNA mean by the term “fully potty-trained?”

To be considered “fully potty-trained” a child must have the awareness to use the bathroom without reminders, be able to clothe without assistance, and be able to clean themselves appropriately to maintain hygiene standards.