Joyful Journey

News from the 1st Grade classroom

April 19, 2022

Are we there yet?  I usually say that about this time of year as a teacher when my inner clock starts saying very loudly I am ready for summer and break!  But I have found myself forgetting what the date is and not knowing exactly how many more days until I am done with school.  I have been lost in the joyful journey of playing, moving, singing, and creating with my students.  

I have noticed the more I am allowing my students to explore with their own ideas the more pure joy appears in my classroom and in my teacher heart.  The exploration of an idea in small groups has been so wonderful for me to see the level of creativity , problem solving, and cooperative skills these PNA kids have. 

 One example of my  journey was with the first grade through  Dr. Suess’s  My Many Colored Days PBL project .  We explored emotions through colors, sounds of instruments  and interpreting them with movement to music. We took time to discuss feelings and to see how  music can enhance or create these feelings in us.  Our feelings as a whole in this world has been pretty complicated for the last year or so.  It has been a joy to just take a breath and see what is inside my students hearts. What is inside my heart is is the need for my students to sing and play together and to use their ideas to explore and expand on our musical themes.

One of the biggest gifts to me in my first full year of teaching at PNA has been  to witness my students take an idea and run with it and to see it develop into something beautiful of their own.  This year has been an incredible journey , bumpy at times, slow at times, and very fast a times, but it has been a very joyful journey for me.