A Child Who Sings Is A Happy Child

News from the 1st Grade classroom

February 13, 2022


One of the things I love about teaching music is singing with the kids and hearing the kids sing, The act of singing alone and especially  together is something that not only feels good and lifts your spirits but it is actually healthy for you .  Studies have proved this over the years but when you sing you just know, singing is good for you.

A very big challenge covid presented to me as a teacher was when I was not to sing with the preschoolers  last spring.  It was a choice to help protect everyone but I felt like I was missing a limb or my heart when I taught.  Fortunately with the Orff process I was able to work with movement and instruments and speaking but when I was told it was ok to sing this fall I was elated.

My voice is my main instrument . I  believe everyone can sing and some people just take a while to find their voice.  It is very important to me that my students find their voice and are comfortable singing .  To sing alone can be a very scary thing for any one.  It is a very intimate part of who we are and there is no object between you and the audience, it is just you. Knowing that I take a lot of care to make sure my students feel safe enough to share their own voices in class in a large and small  group and by themselves.

There really  is a song for everything .  Songs for holidays, songs for working, songs for playing ,songs that show feelings,  to name a few.   I start off most of my classes by greeting kids with a song or having a song game to help build community . Many of my song games come from the African American heritage of songs of play and  work.   That rich heritage is a big part of my elementary music curriculum and I have enjoyed sharing where these songs have come from especially in this month of celebrating Black History .

One of my favorite was to incorporate song cross curricula is to read singing books. The students learn and sing with me the repeated chorus or theme that will appear through out the book.  This makes the book more alive and the students a part of the reading experience.

We all need to stay healthy in mind and spirit now a days and singing is such an in expensive , easy and fun way to do that ! I hope your kids have come home singing at times and I hope they can teach you some of our song and you all can enjoy singing together.

Here are some singing games and songs we have  recently sung. 

Pre school :123 you and me ( Otters)  .Mail myself a letter ( Orcas and Belugas)

K-1  Hello Hello ,Little  wheel turning in my heart

Gr. 2 Head and shoulders baby 1 2 3

Attached is an audio clip of grade one singing  and a video of the Orcas singing. Photos  are not of the student singing but include grade 2 paper plate ice skating  to a waltz  by Debussy inspired by the book Snow Men At Night  and a Chinese Ribbon Dance with grade one  in honor of Chinese New Year.

The link is of  a wonderful children’s choir that I hope you find it uplifting.